The Year After 9-11

September 11, 2002 - A year gone by ( Remembers )
The day the world will NEVER forget 9/11 (2001)

One Year Later, ( FDNY ) VIDEOS

By Siobhan Kennedy, Reuters, 09/95/02

NEW YORK — Like any serious photographer in New York City last Sept. 11, Bill Biggart grabbed his cameras and rushed downtown to capture images of the unfolding nightmare before him. But unlike any other, Biggart didn't return home.

Other photographers got close to the burning towers that morning, but Biggart -- a lifelong photojournalist who had been embroiled in numerous war zones from Northern Ireland to Gaza -- was compelled to get that little bit closer.

Biggart was killed when the second tower came down -- the only professional photographer known to have lost his life that day.

AMAZING PHOTOS of WTC horror by Bill Biggart

Tributes by friends of Bill Biggart:

 WTC album - Bill Biggarts final photos

Bill Biggarts final exposure

 Bill Biggart - Remembered

Bill Biggart's final moments

Bill Biggart


WTC, Sept. 11, 2001



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